Discover PA

The Discover PA family of interpretation products will change the way you work by making it easy to explore, interpret and realise data and models of the earth.

Take a closer look at Discover PA Professional, PA Explorer and our free PA Viewer.

Discover PA Delivers Best Outcomes

Discover PA provides a tool that is suited to interactive interpretation and consistent presentation of the outputs from all software applications. The dynamics, interaction and ease of use make this an essential tool to ensure the delivery of best outcomes.

Discover PA allows users to:

  • create exciting maps, images and 3D displays
  • create profiles, logs and sections
  • communicate interpretations
  • influence exploration decisions
  • explore the limits of data
  • prepare the ultimate presentation
  • fly live through a 3D project
  • collaborate with colleagues
  • link to other software
  • enhance primary data
  • ensure effective decision making