Discover PA Features

Discover PA is very easy to use and quick to learn. First time users look like experts due to the intuiative drag and drop capabilities, wizards and library of templates and components available in the application. Discover PA’s smart data connectors efficiently analyse the data and models users point at and then allows them to be dropped into an existing project window or blank desktop.

Discover PA is designed for geoscience collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, geochemists and engineers and supports a range of visualisation styles, advanced processing techniques, interpretation and analysis tools, data connectors and custom presentation templates. Pipe the data outputs from nearly all your diverse software applications through this one interface to provide a single integrated presentation interface.

Discover PA’s visualisation is without peer in diversity, capability, ease of use and outcomes. It is so compelling, it becomes addictive to use this product in almost all areas of interpretation, communication, training, meetings and formal presentations.
A Wide Range of Tools

Interpretation tools range from easy anomaly picking through to advanced 3D model editors allowing the most appropriate tool to be selected for the task. Either build complex 3D geological models, including strate, faults and intrusions, or just simple anomalous point, lines or zones.

FFT filtering and transformation is demystified by providing real-time previews of your processing sequence and easy parameter selection and guidance. In addition, Discover PA provides the most advanced suite of filtering options comemrcially available for magnetic and gravity interpretation.

2D and 3D grids (meshes) can be built from point and line data using a variety of gridding algorithms that include inverses distance, discrete, minimum curvature and kriging.

Advanced function calculators provided tools for the logical and functional manipulation of points, lines, grids, voxels and geological features.

Tools and Features of Discover PA

Visualisation Styles:

  • 1D profiles, graphs, multiplots, striplogs and cross-sections
  • 2D maps of points, profiles, images, grids, contours and projected sections
  • 3D volumes of points, profiles, sections, images, grids, contours, models and voxels
  • Templates that combine all 1D, 2D and 3D views into a live interconnected presentation

Advanced Processing:

  • 2D grid toolkit
  • 3D mesh/voxel toolkit
  • Advanced database expression calculator with array support
  • Fully featured convolution and FFT line filter processing system
  • Advanced 2D convolution and FFT processing
  • 3D grid/voxel convolution filtering
  • Coordinate reprojection system for points, lines, grids and images
  • Batch processing for line oriented displays


  • Anomaly picking
  • Section interpretation
  • Map interpretation creation
  • 3D interpretation drawing and editing
  • Feature manager database to store user point, line & polygon interpretations
  • Advanced Feature calculator
  • 1D, 2D, 3D Feature object creation, visualisation and editing
  • Extrusion wizard to build 3D objects from 2D interpretations
  • 3D interactive model builder
  • 3D Feature geometry editor


  • 1D, 2D, 3D statistics
  • Interactive graphics for points, lines, grids and voxels
  • Live thresholding and transparency in 2D and 3D displays
  • Advanced dynamic image integration through RGB layering and transparency
  • Dynamic filtering of line data
  • Linked display windows

Data Connectors:

  • Live data connectors automatically update views when changes detected
  • Discover drill hole project connections
  • MapInfo Professional connections for TAB and MIF files
  • Oasis montaj and Intrepid database connections
  • Wide range of grid and image connectors
  • Voxel connectors for UBC-GIF, mine planning and GoCAD