Discover PA Specifications

Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Minimum Memory Requirements:

512MB, 2-4GB recommended

Minimum Graphics Requirements:

1200×800 pixels, wide screen or dual screen recommended

Minimum Disk Space:

270MB to store the executable and utility files

Supported Application Programs:


Supported Languages:


Supported Databases:

Geosoft Oasis montajTM, Intrepid, ASEG GDF2, ASCII

Supported Grids:

Geosoft (.GRD), ER Mapper (.ERS), ASEG (.GXF), USGS (.USG, .DEM, .TAR), Surfer Binary and ASCII (.GRD), Arc ASII (.ASC) and Binary (.ADF), Minex (.XYZ), BIL Files, Landmark (.GRD), MapInfo (.MIG)

Supported Models:

AutoCAD .DXF, ModelVision .TKM, AutoCAD (.DXF), GoCAD (.TS, .PL, .VS), Gemcom (.BT2), ESRI TIN (.ADF), ESRI 3D Shape (.SHP), Datamine wireframe (.DM), Surpac (.DTM), Vulcan Triangulation (.00T), 3D Studio (.3DS)

Supported Voxel/Block Models:

UBC 3D (University of British Columbia) (.MSH, .DAT), CEMI (University of Utah) (.CEM), Datamine (single precision) (.DM), Surpac (versions 1.0 to 3.0) (.MDI), Vulcan (.BMF), Gocad voxet (.VO), Gemcom (.BPR), Noddy (.G00 and .GXX), Encom 3D grid (.E3D), ASCII XYZ (.XYZ)