Our Company

In 2010 Tensor Research was co-founded by David Pratt, Tony White and Blair McKenzie to provide advanced geophysical software development, implementation and training services to explorers, service organisations and instrument developers involved in the use of potential fields to explore the subsurface.  The partners have been intimately associated with leading edge geophysical research at Encom Technology and now have full responsibility for the development, support and sales management of ModelVision.

Our primary focus is the advanced use of potential field data from standard to advanced instruments for the direct interpretation of 3D geological problems. Our services include:
  • Direct modelling of all potential field instruments
  • Use different applications methods such as inversion, FFT and analytic data transformation
  • Theoretical solutions to complex geophysical problems
  • Algorithm development
  • Graphical User Interface development
  • Visualisation of earth models and data
  • Integration of new tools with existing in-house software solutions
  • Training in interpretation tools
  • Training in interpretation methods
  • Advise on optimal tool sets for routine exploration
  • In-house reviews of skills and geophysical computer systems
The magnetic and gravity method of geophysical investigation are in routine use throughout the world for all forms of exploration and subsurface investigation. Yet, much of the important geological information remains locked in the data due to limitations in available processing procedures or an inappropriate use of black box solutions.  

Our Mission

At Tensor Research our team's primary objective is to extract the maximum geological information from current and future potential field surveys through the appropriate use of interpretation technologies.  We help you turn your exploration projects into discoveries.