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Services & Specialties

The principals at Tensor Research have extensive experience in potential fields research, systems design, software development, testing and training. In addition to our off the shelf products, we can customise solutions for specialised needs in any field of application or instrument design.

Instrument Classes

  • Total field magnetometers
  • Vertical gradient total field magnetometers
  • Cross-wing gradient total field magnetometers
  • Three axis total field magnetic gradiometers
  • Multi-component fluxgate magnetometers
  • Full tensor magnetometers
  • Gravity meters
  • Full tensor gravity gradiometers


  • Solid triangulated models
  • Voxel models
  • Forward 3D modelling
  • Conventional inversion
  • Joint inversion
  • FFT transformation and filtering
  • Other transformations
  • Analytic transformation of data to density and susceptibility models (Euler, spectral etc.)
  • Resultant magnetisation inversion
  • Equivalent source
  • Magnetic anisotropy