We have created YouTube tutorial videos for some of the latest features in ModelVision.  Follow these links to see more:

3D Magnetic component vectors 

The magnetic field components, Bx, By and Bz are visualised in 3D vector form to show the relationship between target depth a vector convergence. The components can be derived through fourier processing of a total magnetic intensity grid.
 3D vector component visualisation
Normalised source strength

ModelVision 15 calculates the normalised source strength (NSS) parameters in forward and inverse modelling. There is also a new grid filter to calculate NSS from a total magnetic intensity grid.

 Normalised source Strength processing
Constrained gravity inversion

Use ModelVision to perform an inversion of gravity data over a sedimentary inversion using depth and position constraints.

Target Wizard

ModelVision has a Target Wizard that packages many interpretation processes into a few simple steps.

AutoMag Depth Estimation

An optional module for ModelVision, AutoMag provides rapid magnetic depth-to-basement source estimation, bridging the gap between automated depth to magnetic source methods and pure interactive modelling.