Why Use Us!

Tensor Research is the developer of ModelVision, an interactive potential fields modelling, inversion, processing and visualisation interpretation system. We now provide full support, sales and development of this trusted application.

Tensor Research provides you with an experienced team of geophysicists with over 100 man years of software engineering and theoretical research that we can apply to your specific problems.
We specialise in potential fields research covering forward and inverse modelling, filtering and analysis of magnetic and gravity data. We can help you get more from the latest generation of instruments including full tensor gravity and magnetic systems, cross-wing gradient, fluxgate and total magnetic field instruments.
We develop custom and generic solutions that integrate with your desktop applications and enhance your investment in existing software, hardware and operational surveys.
We can provide you with services that include:
  • Review your existing software investments
  • Assess corporate skills
  • Provide training in potential field interpretation
  • Provide custom software engineering services
  • Develop theoretical solutions for specific exploration or development applications
  • Customise existing in-house developments
  • Provide software extensions for existing software platforms.
Give us a call to see how we can assist you with your exploration and development objectives. 

Our Experience Shows!

Our team of specialists have developed end user applications that are used around the world by hundreds of geophysicists and geologists in commercial applications that include ModelVision, Discover PA Professional, QuickMag and Discover for MapInfo.
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