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The principals at Tensor Research have extensive experience in potential fields research, systems design, software development, testing and training. In addition to our off the shelf products, we can customise solutions for specialised needs in any field of application or instrument design.

With over 100 years of potential fields experience, we can offer custom services ranging from advanced modelling and inversion to specialised interpretation, filter and processing systems.


We can integrate solutions into your software investments such as PA Explorer
or systems from other organisations.  Find out what is possible -

RPD Mapping

Rock Property and Depth Mapping is a new concept development at Tensor Research.  RPD Mapping is used to convert magnetic data to a model of the basement surface using measured magnetic gradient tensor data or conventional total magnetic field data. 


The process operates on high resolution line data utilising the 3D information available in the magnetic tensor to produce detailed values for magnetic susceptibility, magnetic vector rotation for subtle magnetic remanence detection and detailed depths to magnetic basement.  Each estimate is assigned a quality value that makes it intuitive for geological interpreters to focus on the high quality results.  

We plan to offer RPD Mapping as a service in the future, but our current projects are focused on research and development applications across a range of greenfields terranes.  You can find more information on RPD Mapping here and in our references.

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