Videos & Tutorials

We have created YouTube tutorial videos for some of the latest features in ModelVision.  Click on the images below to view them.

The ModelVision installation includes tutorial data sets, and there are documented instructions for each tutorial in the ModelVision Tutorials PDF (9.8 MB).

If you find your ModelVision installation is missing the Tutorial Data, you can download the ZIP file (43MB) containing this data (total 57.6MB) via this link:  ModelVision Tutorial Data


A new plugin tool released in ModelVision 17.0 allows the comparison of model results and rock property 

measurements overlain on a range of standard rock 

property charts.

RockMod web image 350.png

3D Magnetic component vectors

The magnetic field components, Bx, By and Bz are visualised in 3D vector form to show the relationship between target depth and vector convergence. The components are derived by Fourier Transformation  processing of a total magnetic intensity grid.

3D Vectors for depth estimation.png

Rapid Depth Estimation with QuickDepth
QuickDepth applies artificial intelligence principles to the estimation of depth, magnetic properties and geological style from magnetic data. 

Mt Isa interp 350.png

Normalised source strength

ModelVision 15.0 calculates the normalised source strength (NSS) parameters in forward and inverse modelling. There is also a new grid filter to calculate NSS from a total magnetic intensity grid.

NSS ModelVision demonstration.png

Constrained gravity inversion

Use ModelVision to perform an inversion of gravity data over a sedimentary inversion using depth and position constraints.

Banting constrained gravity inversion-1.png

AutoMag Depth Estimation

An optional module for ModelVision, AutoMag provides rapid magnetic depth-to-basement source estimation, bridging the gap between automated depth to magnetic source methods and pure interactive modelling. 

AutoMag Depth Estimation.png

Target Wizard
ModelVision has a Target Wizard that packages many interpretation processes into a few simple steps. 

Target wizard -350.png

Normalised source strength

White 350w.PNG