ModelVision Geophysical Software



ModelVision is continually evolving to meet the needs of geophysical exploration, supporting the diverse range of instruments used in potential field applications.  3D modelling is fundamental to practical geological interpretation and constrained inversion. 

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Model & Data Visualisation
  • Linked sections with link scales & styles

  • Linked maps for zoom, pan and scaling

  • 3D perspectives

  • Drillhole data & model logs

  • Multi-track line graphs

  • Synchronised updates to models on open windows

  • Live view updates during inversion

  • Gravity terrain calculation

Advanced Filtering 
  • FFT grid filters RTP, RTE, derivatives, phase, integration

  • Tensors and component transformations, NSS

  • General LP, HP, AS, Continuation, directional, special

  • FFT line filters

  • Convolution grid & line filters, 4th difference etc.

  • Live grid previews

Analysis Tools & Utilities
  • Grid gridding, interpolation, trend, clip, reproject .....

  • Create grids, surveys, drillholes, voxels

  • RockMod rock property analyser

  • Statistics, reports, maintenance, LUT editor .....

  • Calculator - lines, points, grids & drillholes

  • Layout CAD style report presentation

Read the ModelVision Product Brochure for more information.

Modelling & Inversion
  • Section, map, drillhole, 3D perspective, multi-track

  • Joint gravity & magnetic modelling

  • Cooperative inversion of density & magnetic models

  • Constrained spatial and property inversion

  • Full magnetic/gravity tensor modelling & inversion

  • Cross-wing gradiometer modelling & inversion

  • Drilhole multi-component modelling

  • Target Wizard, ASCII to model converter

Plugin Modules

AM Wix1.png



Sn Nicolas UBC constrained.png

UBC Model Builder