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Licence Management FAQs

Is ModelVision supported on Microsoft Windows 10?

ModelVision 16.0 and 17.0 are supported on Microsoft Windows 10. ModelVision 15.0 and older is not supported.  

Modelvision 12.0 to 15.0 are supported on Windows 8, including 64-bit.

If I uninstall or upgrade ModelVision will I lose my licence file?

When ModelVision is uninstalled the licence is preserved on that computer (i.e. the licence is unaffected by a ModelVision uninstall). Upon reinstalling ModelVision a new activation code is not required. Note if you have uninstalled already, you can still transfer or return the licence, as the ModelVision Licence Manager program will remain installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Encom and the licence file will remain in C:\ProgramData\Encom.

How do I run the Licence Manager independently?

You can open the Licence Manager (CLSECURE32.exe) independently of ModelVision (e.g. if ModelVision has been uninstalled).  Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Encom\ and double-click CLSECURE32.exe.

If I transfer my licence to a new computer - what folders should I backup and transfer to maintain my settings and customisations?

ModelVision project and session directories and other user configuration information is saved in a mvision.ini file located in C:\ProgramData\Encom\Mvis\ (default location for Windows 8 and 10).


This file is removed on uninstall or upgrades so it is recommended that the mvision.ini file is backed up or transferred to a different computer.


User-defined Projections, LUTs and IGRF data files are located in C:\ProgramData\Encom\Common\ (default location for Windows 8 and 10). These folders are preserved on uninstall or upgrades but can be backed up or transferred to a different computer.

Is ModelVision supported on Microsoft Windows 10?
Will uninstall/upgrade remove my ModelVision licence?
How can I run the Licence Manager independently?
What folders should I copy when transferring a licence to maintain data/settings?
How can I transfer my ModelVision licence to another machine?

Install and run ModelVision on the DESTINATION computer and view the Licence Manager. If the software doesn't directly take you to this licensing program it can be accessed from the File>Licence menu option.

  1. Click on the Activate Licence tab and note the 7-digit Hardware ID located near the top left-hand corner.

  2. Open the Licence Manager (File>Licence) on the computer where the ModelVision licence is CURRENTLY ACTIVE (SOURCE) and click on the Transfer Licence tab. To create the transfer code:

              Step 1:   select ModelVision from the list.
              Step 2:   enter the 7-digit Hardware ID from the DESTINATION machine.
              Step 3:   click on the Create Transfer Activation Code button, re-enter the Destination Hardware ID when prompted and                               click OK.  A Transfer_Log.txt file will open that contains the transfer activation code. You will be prompted to                                 send a copy of the transfer report to our support team.  If you select yes, a copy of the Transfer_Log.txt file will                             be emailed to

  3. Copy this activation code into the Activate Licence tab of the License Manager on the DESTINATION machine and click the padlock icon to activate the licence.

How do I transfer my ModelVision licence?
How can I retrieve the transfer code?
How do I return my ModelVision licence to Tensor Research?
How can I retrieve the transfer code?

If the transfer was not successful or the transfer code was lost, the transfer activation code can be recovered  from  C:\ProgramData\Encom\Transfer_Log.txt on the SOURCE computer.  Browse to the file and open it in NOTEPAD.

How do I return (park) my ModelVision licence to Tensor Research?

You can return (or park) your ModelVision licence to Tensor Research so that it is available for reactivation at a later time (for example if you are upgrading to a new computer).  From within ModelVision, open the Licence Manager from File>Licence and go to the Transfer Licence tab.  In the Create Transfer Code section on the left, click the Return Licence checkbox in Step 2 (4666666 will appear in the Hardware ID box) and then the Create Transfer Activation Code button in Step 3.

Allow the email notification to be sent.  Once Tensor Research has received the licence, it will be reset in our database to allow reactivation when required, and you will receive an email confirming this.

How do I manually return by server licence?
How do I manually return my borrowed server licence?

Expired licences on a client machine are automatically returned to the server.  No network connectivity is required.

To manually deactivate and return the licence from a client computer:

  1. Connect to the network, run ModelVision and open the Licence Manager from File>Licence

  2. Close ModelVision, leaving the Licence Manager open.

  3. Select the Transfer License tab.

  4. Click the Return to Server button under Transfer Network License.
    The Return License to Server dialog is displayed.

  5. Select ModelVision from the list of available licences in the Select Product box.

  6. Click the Return License button.

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