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UBC  Model Builder Module

Model Builder

The optional UBC Model-Mesh Designer extension for ModelVision makes it easy to prepare and run UBC-GIF GRAV3D and MAG3D smooth inversions. The models can also be used to build constraining models for the Open Source SimPEG and Seequent's VOXI voxel inversion software.

The solid models are converted to mesh models by assigning properties to each mesh cell that falls inside a body. The density and susceptibility of that body are assigned to each cell.

The standard UBC tools can be used to visualise the results of the smooth inversion or integrate the inversion results with other models and data sets in Discover PA.  ModelVision inserts geological controls into the UBC-GIF smooth inversion and populates the entire model with physical properties.

Easy Mesh Design

A dynamic mesh designer provides full control over the mesh density for the core and padded zone of the 3D model. The relationship between the mesh and the geological model is visualised in 3D and modified to ensure optimum coverage of the core zone. The mesh density can be easily modified to allow rapid prototype testing in MAG3D and GRAV3D, this ensures all parameters are optimised prior to running a high resolution inversion that may run for hours or days.

Diagram showing conversion of a geological map into a UBC voxel model for constraining voxel inversions of magnetic data
Automated Population of the 3D Mesh

ModelVision models hold both the magnetic susceptibility and density properties of the geological bodies making it easy to create either a UBC MAG3D or GRAV3D model. Properties are assigned to the mesh on the basis that each voxel is dominant within a particular body within the model, and the background property is assigned to all unpopulated voxels. Any changes that are made to the input model are then easily updated in the UBC-GIF voxel model.

Import Geological Models

ModelVision has the ability to import 3rd party geological models in GoCAD, 3D DXF and mine planning formats making it a relatively simple job to assign properties and build constrained UBC-GIF and SimPEG inversion constraint models.

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