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RPD Mapping

RPD Mapping

Rock Property and Depth Mapping from magnetic data is applied to greenfields exploration targeting 

We have created a new method for building a large scale model of the rock property distribution on an unconformity surface (Pratt et al., 2019, 2021).   The technology was developed for the new generation of full tensor magnetic gradiometers (FTMG).   FTMG offers unparalleled geological resolution and the systems are developed using low temperature super-conducting magnetic sensors manufactured by the IPHT laboratories in Jena, Germany.

RPD Mapping also provides opportunities to re-investigate historical surveys and new survey data for greenfield exploration in complex geological environments.  The method uses the inherent 3D information present in the magnetic tensor to create a multi-segment model of the unconformity surface. Every magnetic anomaly on every line in the aeromagnetic survey has an associated model segment.  Because the tensor is a 3D spatial derivative of the magnetic field, it automatically reduces the influence of regional magnetic field changes to focus the inversion process on the unconformity surface.  An expert AI system builds a coherent 3D geological model from the individual model segments, which it then uses to constrain the joint inversion of the tensor data.

We work collaboratively with companies to refine the processes and produce compact rock property databases and 3D segment models of the unconformity surface.  The AI process builds a large suite of attributes for each segment as well as a subset that is immediately ready for interactive interpretation:

  • Depth below ground

  • Easting, northing and elevation

  • Formation azimuth

  • Compact magnetic susceptibility

  • Resultant magnetisation vector

  • Resultant vector rotation (RRA)

  • Resultant inclination & declination

  • Geological solid model (segments)

  • Depth and parameter Quality

Read the RPD Mapping technical sheet for more details.

RPD Mapping service converts magnetic line and grid data to a rock property and depth dataset
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