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The latest releases of the geophysical products sold by Tensor Research can be downloaded from the links below.  The downloads are zip files.  After downloading, please Extract All via File Explorer and then run the relevant setup.exe file.

ModelVision 17.5

ModelVision 17.5.59 executable, documentaton and tutorials.  Windows 10 compatible.

323 MB Zip file

MV 17.5.PNG

Licence Manager 8.81

The latest Licence Manager program used by ModelVision, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

32.5 MB Zip file

LM 8.81.PNG

ModelVision 17.0

ModelVision 17.0.27 executable, documentaton and tutorials. 

316 MB Zip file

MV 17.0.PNG

ModelVision 16.0

ModelVision 16.0 executable, documentation and tutorials.

248 MB Zip file

MV 16.0.PNG
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