A Total Potential Fields Modelling Application

ModelVision provides a solution for every 3D potential field problem. Whether you work in mineral exploration, diamond exploration, petroleum exploration, environmental geophysics, engineering, unexploded ordnance or underground hazard assessment, ModelVision can provide you with a complete interpretation environment.
Designed by geophysical interpreters for geophysical interpreters, ModelVision is the most advanced general purpose model-based interpretation system available.

More than just Modelling

ModelVision provides a wide range of import and export formats, utilities for gridding, filtering and numerical manipulation. Survey simulation tools within ModelVision ensure users can plan and predict the field specifications for gravity and magnetic surveys, including all tensor components. Users can also create an airborne survey from a digital terrain grid or create a set of synthetic drillholes in a simulated geological model.

Leading Edge Technology

For over 25 years the ModelVision research team has responded to industry challenges, implemented new and improved features, and ensured integration with a wide range of industry standard software products. We are committed to the continued transfer of benefits to our customers from the ongoing development of the ModelVision application.

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