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Magnetic and gravity data modelling, inversion, processing and visualisation

What We Do

Our Experience Shows!

Our development team has previously contributed to the development of end user applications that are used around the world by hundreds of geophysicists and geologists in commercial applications that include ModelVision, Discover PA, QuickMag and Datamine Discover.

Our primary objective at Tensor Research is to develop software solutions that will extract rock properties and 3D geological information from data collected with both standard and advanced instruments used in potential field surveys. Our software and services will assist you to extract more relevant geological information from the latest generation of instruments including full tensor gravity and magnetic systems, cross-wing gradient, fluxgate and total magnetic field instruments. We will assist you to turn your exploration projects into discoveries.

Our advanced software solutions are based on many years of R&D and their application to major interpretation projects where the best methods are retained in our products. Some of our latest developments employ expert systems AI principles to speed up repetitive tasks. We are developing a new service offering that includes an advanced rock property and depth mapping (RPD Mapping) for continuous mapping of magnetic properties, depth and large scale geological models.

ModelVision Software

A Total Potential Fields Modelling Application


ModelVision provides a solution for every 3D potential field problem. Whether you work in mineral exploration, diamond exploration, petroleum exploration, environmental geophysics, engineering, unexploded ordnance or underground hazard assessment, ModelVision can provide you with a complete interpretation environment.

Potential Fields Research

Tensor Research specialises in advanced potential fields research

We do custom software development to develop extensions for ModelVision that can improve workflows specific to commodities or repetitive investigations. QuickDepth and the UBC Model Builder were developed collaboratively with some of our clients.  Full tensor modelling & inversion was developed for the next generation of magnetometers.

RPD Mapping

Rock Property and Depth Mapping from magnetic data is a major research project being developed by Tensor Research using new AI methods for building large scale, geologically constrained magnetic models. 


This research complements our work with ModelVision and the processing results can be easily utilised within ModelVision, GIS applications and geophysical mapping and processing software.

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